Company Information
Cornfed Systems, LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability Company (LLC) headquarted in Denver, Colorado.
Telephone: +1-410-404-8790
In the last century, the technologies by which we communicate have improved dramatically. From telegraph to telephone to television to the Internet, increases in the speed and richness with which we are able to span distances virtually have been remarkable. The history of communications has been dominated by dumb terminals. The telegraph used a simple circuit closure. The telephone began by sending narrowband analog voice between simple phone sets.
It has only been with the rise of the data networking, and the use of computers for communications that the notion of a smart terminal has become possible and attractive. As communication technologies become more pervasive and integral to our lives, the need to scale the networking infrastructure drives the communications intelligence closer to the edge and ultimately into the end user device.
The softphone is an integration of various technologies that provide the implementation of the end user communications experience. Softphones are a relatively new technology, evolving from the need to place communications functions and features at the very edge of the network.
Current softphones are focused primarily on voice and many make use of networking protocols like SIP and RTP. As the needs of the end user change over time, so too will the requirements for the devices at the edge of the network. Cornfed Systems will be there as these technologies evolve, providing the highest quality, most reliable, integrated implementations for an unsurpassed experience for end user communications.
Frank W. Miller, Ph.D.
Frank Miller founded Cornfed Systems with a vision to bring high-quality, industry standard voice communications to the embedded network edge. Dr. Miller has designed and written most of the software that forms the basis of the Cornfed SIP User Agent product suite and is committed to continuing to lead the design and development of this state-of-the-art software.
Dr. Miller is a veteran of two successful VoIP startup companies. He was a Founder and Chief Technical Officer for sentitO Networks. Dr. Miller provided the technical leadership and served as the primary architect for the sentitO product line. sentitO Networks was acquired by Verso Technologies in 2007. Dr. Miller was also a key member of the engineering staff at SALIX Technologies. His work with VoIP and Internet protocol implementations was a major contribution to the remarkable team that successfully developed the SALIX VoIP trunking gateway. SALIX was acquired by Tellabs in March of 2000. Dr. Miller has also served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and as an engineer with NASA at the Johnson Space Center where he contributed to designs of onboard computer systems for the International Space Station.
Dr. Miller holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland College Park and an M.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iowa. Dr. Miller has authored a number of patents and has a substantial record of publication.